At this age toddlers are full of wonder. They want to explore and experiment. They also tend to put things in their mouth, so the bigger Duplo pieces are ideal.

Children at this age are ready to move on to the bigger Lego blocks. They will need help to read instructions, and enjoy building with family and friends.

This is a great age for Lego. They can read instructions, but also use their imagination to build. Collaborative projects are really enjoyed at this age.

During this time kids will begin to extend  their knowledge into larger and more complex projects. They often like to create themed projects such as Star Wars.

No-one is too old for Lego, and teenagers and adults alike love challenging themselves to complex, technology inspired projects. Sets in this age range integrate STEM principles.

Lego Dots brand new to the Lego range. The range includes colourful 2D shapes and tiles that children can use to create their own patterns and designs.

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Lego is universally loved by generations of children. Over the years Lego sets have become more complex, more diverse and more technically advanced. It is difficult to know which set to buy your children and teens with so many sets on the market. This site is aimed at making that decision easier, and also based on educational criteria. While you want to buy gifts that entertain and are enjoyed by children, it is important to know that while they’re having fun they are also learning and building skills that will be of value to them as they go through school and University.

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We have a range of articles  that will appeal to older children and adults. Did you know that Lego is great for integrating STEM principles. Children are not only building, they are learning Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths concepts at the same time. Bonus learning!  Another interesting fact – children who play with Lego are more likely to study Engineering in University!

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