1 – 3 years

Age one to three years is a time of great wonder and curiosity. It is a time when children are able to learn words for people and objects and to name some items when prompted. Their fine motor skills are also developing, and they are able to manipulate objects and start to build by placing one object on top of another. These buildings get more detailed and complex as the child matures.

Lego Duplo is great at this age, as the larger pieces are ideal for small hands. They encourage the child to play longer as there is less frustration – they can grip these larger pieces easily. They are safer too, especially for littlies who still put everything in their mouths.

Best Starter Set

Lego Duplo Classic Deluxe Brick Box

Age one to three Lego

Perfect starter set of Lego Duplo for ages 12 months and up! A nice balance of specialty pieces and basic blocks. It also includes two figures and a dog. It comes in a nice storage container that will make cleanup a breeze.

The car has a one piece chassis so the kids can actually play with it. The figures fit in the driver seat and away they go. Of course, no one expects an 12 month old to look at the diagram and build what they see. At that age, it is all about working on fine motor coordination.

My favorite pieces are the slide and swing. Easy to build a small playground. We even made blocks so our new friends could jump on them. I now need a Duplo baseplate!

We have several Lego Duplo sets. They simply don’t grow old. Even when I taught pre-K, the kids always wanted the Duplo first. A versatile toy that has endless possibilities: Count them, sort them, color recognition, grouping, write letters or numbers on them for recognition. We even use them in the water table for “Sink or Float” and use them for our “Guesstimate” jar.

The same high quality Lego has had for years. A classic toy that can be passed down from child to child. How many toys can you say that about these days?

An excellent gift for your young builder! You will never regret giving or receiving a Lego Duplo set as a gift!

Best Early Learning Set for age 1 - 3 years

My First Fun Puzzle

Duplo starter set for toddlers

The LEGO® DUPLO® My First Fun Puzzle toy for toddlers is an easy and entertaining start to matching, building and stacking bricks for very young children. Create and connect with your preschooler as you help them sort the bricks into colors and stack them in the right order to complete these easy-to-build favorite animal puzzles for kids. Then take them apart, mix them up and inspire imagination as you encourage them to come up with goofy animal creations of their own! The DUPLO bricks included with this fun brick puzzle toddler toy are specially designed to be safe for little hands.

  • Features 5 buildable LEGO® DUPLO® animal puzzles for kids: a flamingo, zebra, giraffe, crocodile and a tiger.
  • Help your child master basic construction and fine motor skills as they stack the bricks to complete these easy puzzles for kids.
  • Encourage language development and social and emotional skills as children learn through play with the cute animals.
  • Introduce colours, animal names and behaviours and characteristics of animals.

Most Versatile Set

Lego Duplo My Town Family House

Age one to three duplo for children

Lego Duplo My Town Family House. As you are probably aware,  one of the best things about Lego is that it is gender free. There are sets that are targeted at boys, or girls, but sets like this one are perfect.  The Lego Duplo house is a perfect of a set designed for all children.

It is a great toy for some early imaginative role play with familiar everyday scenarios. The set comes with 69 pieces, including a mom, dad and little girl. There is the right amount of different furniture to represent the different rooms in a real house. It works with all other Lego Duplo, and you can add other figures etc.

It’s a great set to build with your child as it isn’t too difficult to follow the directions together, and children can be really proud of building a Lego set like their older siblings. Kids can also taken it apart and build it in their own way, which I think is Lego’s real strength. It can be the family hone, a dolls house or a fire station. 

Following the instruction booklet is a great exercise in color and shape recognition. Kids do not need to know how to read to follow the instructions. As always, Lego Duplo is great for fine motor skills.