3 – 5 years

At age 3 – 5 years the toddler years are behind them, and children are more able to concentrate for longer periods of time. These are also the years they transition from parallel play (where they play beside each other with little interaction), to actually playing together. They will talk constantly and ask many questions as cognitively their attention span increases and their understanding of stories, and relationships between numbers and objects grows. Their fine motor skills improve, and they are able to build more complex structures.

Best Learning Set

Lego Duplo Steam Train

Best Lego set for age 3 to 5 years.

Lego has really stepped up to a new level with this latest Duplo train. This is a “smart” train, has a light sensor on the bottom that responds to different color “code” blocks that you lay on the tracks.

You get 5 of these code blocks, yellow “play choo choo sound”, blue “fill tank with gas”, white “turn front light on/off”, green “change direction” and red “stop the train”. The train performs the specified action as it passes over the individual code blocks. This actually teaches young children basic coding ideas, they can place these blocks along the track to create different actions.

There is no start or stop button on top of the train (there is a green on/off button on bottom of train), you simply give the train a push in the direction you want it to go and it goes!

BUT, the fun does not stop at the code blocks. Probably the coolest thing is that the train is bluetooth enabled, there is an app for tablets/smart phones that allows the kids to control all the functions remotely. The app is very well designed for young children, three year olds have no problem mastering the controls on the app in just a few minutes

Best Value Set for age 3 - 5 years

LEGO DUPLO Town Big Fair

The Duplo Town Big Fair is one of the most beautiful Lego Duplo sets for children age 3 to 5 years.. It has various objects matching the theme of the fair (carousel, slides, ferris wheel, train, icecream stand, even a toilet) and five human figures (two adults, three children) as well as four horses for the carousel. The objects can also be combined in different ways and, of course, with other Lego Duplo sets there are many more possibilities for creation.

The quality is good, the individual building blocks are robust and colourfast. Kids enjoy and can relate to the  children’s figures, and also use them in other Lego creations.

As a single/first set super well suited, If you are looking for a set as a beginner or as a gift, then this particular set is a great idea.  This set is definitely worth the investment because it is fun for the whole family.

This set is a great discussion starter with young children and encourages language development as the children learn the names of the individual parts. It also aids in imaginative play as the children develop stories around a day at the fair. It definitely encourages collaborative play as the children take on different roles within the fair.

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LEGO Juniors Jurassic World T. Rex Breakout

Best Lego set for 5 years and older children.

This is a great LEGO set to go with the Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie.

The T-Rex is absolutely awesome. This is the prize of this LEGO set, make no mistake about that. The articulation with the T-Rex is also very impressive. The head has wonderful movement/rotation, the arms move well, the legs have decent range, and the tale even rotates.

The second prize of this set is the baby T-Rex… it’s so cute and adds a wonderful level of playability to this set. You could say this baby dinosaur is some other type of dinosaur, but I like to think the large T-Rex is mama and the baby needs to be saved. Children will come up with all sorts of scenarios for the mother and baby.

The three LEGO minifigs that come with this set are great. You get Claire, who comes from the movie, you get a generic scientist, and you get a generic guard. Getting three LEGO minifigs in addition to the large T-Rex and the baby T-Rex help round out this set and make it feel complete.

Since this is a Juniors set, there aren’t any stickers which means all the pieces with details on them are printed. This definitely helps with building, particularly for the younger brickers out there. It’s worth mentioning… there are several really neat printed pieces that come with this set.

The build itself is rather straightforward, which is good considering it’s a Juniors set. The two dino eggs are also a nice touch, and there’s a nice variety of LEGO bricks that increase the level of playability and expand the possibilities for creativity and imagination.

The best feature of this set is the combination of pieces leads to a great number of different scenarios to be played out by the children using this set. The im of any good toy should be to extend a child’s learning, imagination and creativity. This set ticks all these boxes.