Lego Dots

Lego Dots - a brand new Lego toy!

LEGO DOTS is a new 2D tile concept from the king of tiny bricks. It launched on 1 March 2020. 

The core DOTS range encompasses colourful 2D shapes and tiles. Children can use these to create their own patterns and designs. These shapes and tiles encourage creative self-expression in children and teens.

The range extends to include bracelets, picture frames, pencil holders and more. All these objects have integrated surfaces that their owners can customise with DOTS tiles. Finally, there are over 30 ‘mood tiles’ to jazz things up. These include different facial expressions, and symbols such as stars, musical notes, planets and paw prints. 

Is this the future of LEGO?  It is the first set that doesn’t have instructions, thus inspiring young minds to express their creativity. While watching kids create amazing, often complex, patterns, it’s easy to see how this product encourages and facilitates creativity.

Lego DOTS are unlike the bulky brick sets that are used to make buildings, pirate ships, spacecrafts, and other 3D scenes. DOTS creations are flatter, colorful, 2D-esque tiles to decorate a variety of accessories and home décor items. In that way, they more closely resemble crafty DIY projects rather than building sets.

DOTS are recommended for ages 6+, but they’re perfect for kids hitting that tween stage. At this age they get really into customizing and decorating every inch of their room and all their school supplies.

The idea for the line came from a survey of 10,800 parents and 7,200 children across the US, China, and Germany. The results noted kids were looking for more personalized forms of play, and they wanted an outlet to express their own personalities. Hence DOTS, which can be endlessly re-arranged depending on how the artist feels at that particular moment.


The Lego Dots Bracelets

These pocket money sets are attractively marketed to capture the creative attention of children who enjoy arts, crafts and accessorising. While they have a guideline age mark of 6+, there is a slightly younger demographic who also spend a lot of time doing arts and crafts. These youngsters are often not yet brainwashed by the notion of girly/boyish toys and don’t care that a girl is pictured on every packet. I feel that the Rainbow bracelet could definitely have had a boy on the packet; there’s one on the webpage.

Lego Dots Bracelets promote creativity!

Packaging aside, these are fun and the Dots concept is a great idea.  There’s a lot of enjoyment to be had letting your creative juices flow and playing with the colours and patterns. The bracelets are well designed and the 16cm fitting are perfect 3 year olds with the 19cm perfect for a teenager or adult. The maximum possible circumference is 20cm, so measure yourself before you purchase.

We all know that 1×1 elements are the most common to have a few extras added into sets so I imagine the average family who have already purchased a few LEGO sets will be able to find further elements to utilise as decorative elements, without buying more of the actual Dots sets or pulling apart built sets. With the Dots range being reasonably priced, I can imagine fans growing their collections quite rapidly.

Custom wristband made with Lego Dots